• Technologies for ship dynamics modeling, 3D terrain modeling, SW-HW interface design, and visual system design.
  • This system is currently being used as a basic platform not only for the development of an improved marine simulator system, but also for the development of various equipments for maritime safety enhancement.
  • Various navigational equipments are installed in the bridge mockup.
  • Exact simulation of ship motion characteristics considering effects of various navigational environments such as wind, current, bank, shallow water, passing ships is one of core technologies of ship handling simulator system.
  • Exact construction of various databases for own ship, simulation area, and its navigational environment are indispensible for realistic simulation.
  • Top class capabilities for analysis of ship motion characteristics, and generation of navigational environment, which enables fast and exact modeling for any vessels, simulation areas, and its environmental characteristics.
  • Construction of harbors and more than 100 own ship models have been done, which covers most ship types (Container, VLCC, PCC, General Cargo, Bulk Carrier, Naval Ships, Tug Boats).


Laser Shot’s Boat Crew and Naval Gunnery Trainer consists of an immersive training environment that places sailors in geo-typical and geo-specific virtual environments in order to train effectively on a variety of crew level operational tasks and waterborne gunnery.

Integrated with the advance training courseware of Virtual Battlespace 3’s Tactical Weapon Simulator (VBS3-TWS), combined with exclusive laser-based individual and crew served training weapons, enable Laser Shot to deliver the most realistic and immersive conditions possible in a training environment.

The Boat Crew and Naval Gunnery Trainer consist of a boat hull with overall measurements of approximately ten (10) feet wide and fifteen (15) feet long. The boat hull platform consists of: Coxswain Station (Console and Cabin Assembly), Handrails, and Weapon Mounts are installed on a 3000 pound payload Three Degree of Freedom (3DOF) motion

Recommended is a total of six (6) borderless projection screens to encompass the bow, port and starboard sides of the boat. This screen configuration provides an encapsulating, realistic environment and a 180° target engagement area. The vessel is replicated with a complete coxswain station including steering wheel and throttles as well as gun positions on the bow, port and starboard sides for crew served weapons.

Projectors and laser-detection cameras are floor mounted, clear of the training area to provide easier access for maintenance and calibration. Computers will be centrally networked at the Instructor’s control station enabling expansion to multiple training Pods at that location or from any regional location.


  • On-board systems for radar, ship to shore, & on-board position to position communication
  • Currently in use with Naval Expeditionary Combat Command (MESG's 1&2)
  • Increase gunner proficiency in a realistic, full-motion environment
  • Conduct day or night afloat training missions
  • Optional on board systems for radar ship-to-shore communications & complete crew communication system.

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